Vision and foresight for our future.

As part of the SPITZKE group of companies, the following text also applies to SRS SPITZKE RAIL SWISS AG:

Sustainability is part of our corporate philosophy. As a company in the railway infrastructure industry, we play a part in mobility aimed at sustainability. We allow for economic, ecological and social elements and face up to our social and ethical responsibility in society. We implement these through our health and safety standards, our environmental and energy management systems and our compliance management system. We also meet our social responsibility through our SPITZKE FONDS e.V.

Our highest environmental principle is the prevention of environmental damage by complying with all environmentally relevant laws and regulations and the official conditions issued by the authorities. Sustainable action accompanies the entire value-adding process and always includes environmental protection, employee and social needs and integrity in equal amounts.

In the completion of our construction projects and in the production of our prestressed concrete products, we ensure that impacts on the environment are kept to a minimum, provided this can be achieved economically with the best available technology and we also involve our suppliers. Our services are also provided taking into consideration the environmental aspects involved.

The environmental protection practised by us is continuously adjusted to new knowledge and needs, to achieve continuous improvement. Environmental protection is practised actively by our employees. To achieve this, all employees are informed and trained continuously.

In line with our sustainability strategy, we regularly record the key environmental indicators for COemissions, energy, water and waste. In this way we not only contribute to sensitisation with regard to the consumption of natural resources, but also expand our reduction targets. We invest continuously in our technology in order to keep up with the latest developments.